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The Complete Beginners Guide to Genuine Hypnosis

From: Steven Hall MCOH MASC - Master Hypnosis Trainer and NLP Coach

A Special message to anybody that wants to know how to hypnotise people:

Steven Hall Welcome, my name is Steven Hall,

On the 3rd March 1992, I said a sentence that completely changed my life.

That sentence catapulted me into an incredibly rewarding career, it brought me fame and fortune, gave my life purpose, opened a treasure trove of mind expanding possibilities and proved that hypnosis is real.

I will share that precious sentence with you in just a moment, but first I want to make sure that you're in the right place...

What you're about to discover will transform you into a genuine hypnotist. This works. I know it works because of that sentence! But, before we go on, let's make sure you're in the right place...

Still here?


I've been teaching hypnosis for almost 30 years. One of the things I've noticed about the vast majority of my students is that they don't believe that they'll be able to do it.

When I first started I didn't believe I'd be able to do it. In fact, I really struggled to accept that it was real. My mind was split. Sometimes I thought that hypnosis was fake and other times I thought that it was some kind of psychic power.

Either way, I never expected that I'd be able to do it.

So, if you're worried that you won't be able to hypnotise people, don't worry you're in very good company. We've all been there. I can assure you that when you follow my techniques you will be able to hypnotise people.

Now, let me set the scene, as I take you back to that momentous day in 1992.

I was on holiday in France with my sister and several of her friends. At the time I was already completely obsessed with hypnosis, I'd religiously studied hypnotic language patterns and even crafted my own induction script. But I'd never hypnotised anybody. I still wasn't sure if hypnosis was real and I was too scared to try it because I didn't expect it to work.

Then, on the 3rd of March 1992, exactly one month after my 18th birthday, while we were relaxing in our villa, Mark (a friend of my sisters that I'd never met before) noticed the pile of hypnosis books that I'd brought with me. He picked one up, casually flicked through it, glanced up at me and asked, “Will you hypnotise me?”

I felt my heart quicken as I started to panic. I wanted to say no, and retreat into my comfort zone. But it was obvious from his question that he believed I could do it. Mark didn't know me. He didn't know I'd never done it before. He obviously expected it to work. This was my chance!

I tried to hide my growing fear as I tossed him a casual, “Sure”.

Over the following 10 to 15 minutes I guided Mark into a state of relaxation, and began reading out my script. Mark immediately started showing signs of trance, I could see his eyes moving under their lids, his face flushed red, and his body slumped in the chair like a limp wet rag, completely devoid of tension.

I gave Mark some simple commands that he readily followed. I said that his hand was beginning to rise, as though a balloon filled with helium was tied to his finger. His finger twitched at my suggestion. Then his entire hand lifted into the air. I told him that the number 4 was completely erased from his mind and watched as his tried counting his fingers over and over, getting more and more confused each time he reached the number 6.

Although everything suggested that Mark was in trance, I still didn't believe that it was real. I thought he was faking. I expected him to suddenly point at me, laugh, and tell me that it was all nonsense and that hypnosis wasn't real.

Then I said the sentence that changed everything.

“You are getting colder and colder.”

Mark was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so I could see his bare arms. Within moments of my suggestion I noticed all of the tiny hairs on his arms rising to attention. He started to shiver and his skin prickled into goosebumps!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The temperature in the room hadn't changed at all, and it definitely wasn't cold. But Mark's body was reacting as though it was. He was having a physiological response to a suggestion that wasn't true. It was amazing. But it gets better...

I switched my suggestion from cold to hot. Telling him that with each breath he'd become hotter and hotter.

Immediately, the goosebumps went away, the tiny hairs lay back down, he stopped shivering and as I watched in utter amazement beads of sweat started to trickle from his brow. Within moments of my suggestion he was actually sweating.

I've told this story many times, and every now and then a person says “That proves nothing, I can fake goosebumps.” but Mark definitely wasn't faking. I've never met a person that was able to fake goosebumps as quickly as Mark's appeared, and I've never met a person that can switch from goosebumps to sweating like Mark did!

This was absolute proof that hypnosis is real. And, much more importantly for me, I made it happen!

I am just a normal guy. I have no special powers or psychic skills, but by saying normal words, to another normal guy, I was able to hypnotise him.

And so can you.

I have to admit, I was lucky. Mark is a fantastic hypnotic subject. He goes into trance quickly and deeply. But when I tried using the same induction on other people it didn't always work. Thankfully, having seen Mark's reaction I knew that hypnosis was real. I just had to improve my script so it'd work on more people.

I practiced on my work colleagues and friends every single day. I faithfully recorded everything in my journal, constantly testing and tweaking my inductions. With resolute determination I strived to perfect my technique.

Over time, I developed my skills to a level where I felt confident that I could perform a genuine hypnotic stage show to the paying public. I asked a local bar if I could put on a show. They agreed and I performed my very first public hypnosis stage show. It was such a rush!

One evening, after a show, somebody approached me and asked if I had any books on stage hypnosis that he could borrow. He was already a hypnotherapist but wanted to take his skills onto the stage. I didn't have anything, but I told him my story and when I mentioned my journal he asked to borrow it. We exchanged details and I sent him my trusty journal. A few days later he called and told me that it was the best thing he'd read on hypnosis and implored me to publish it.

I took his advice, and after a lot of organisation I transformed my faithful old journal into a step-by-step guide to hypnosis for beginners. I began printing copies and selling them on auction sites, then later had it converted into a PDF so that people were able to download it instantly.

Advanced Hypnosis for Beginners, Taking your skills to the next level

My special power is taking a complex subject and making it simple. I've always been a natural teacher and have a gift for explaining things in a way that anybody can easily understand. This is something I'm very aware (and proud) of. I love to teach. Especially a subject that my students have really struggled to grasp in the past. Advanced hypnotic language patterns definitely fall into this category.

Many of my students are completely overwhelmed by advanced hypnosis. So I decided to make it simple.

I created a brand new guide, especially for beginners, that makes learning advanced hypnosis easy.

This step-by-step guide covers more advanced hypnosis concepts, inside you'll discover...

Rapid and Street Hypnosis - The Secrets of Derren Brown

Perhaps the most exciting area of hypnosis is rapid hypnosis.

Rapid hypnosis is expertly used by mental illusionists, such as David Blane and Derren Brown. Derren Brown often uses a style of rapid induction that combines shock with a pattern interrupt to gain access to a person's subconscious mind and then quickly plant a suggestion using an embedded command. He layers this with several hypnotic language patterns to get people to do things that look like psychic mind control to anybody that doesn't understand how hypnosis works.

On episode 3 from series 4 of Derren Brown: Mind Control, Derren used a combination of hypnotic patterns to get a cashier to pay out on a losing ticket at Walthamstow Greyhound track. In my step-by-step guide to rapid hypnosis, I break down exactly what Derren is doing and why it works. I think this is a fascinating demonstration of the power of hypnosis. It's something that most hypnotists wouldn't do, as it is very dishonest, but for educational purposes it's absolutely brilliant.

This guides reveals the most closely guarded secrets of rapid hypnosis. You'll discover the most dynamic and impressive hypnotic inductions used for stage and street hypnosis, as well as 'mind-control' techniques used by mentalists like Derren Brown and David Blane.

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Hypnosis for Beginners - By Dylan Morgan

This is another guide that I was so impressed with that I purchased a license that grants me permission to offer it to you.

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