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How to Hypnotize People

How to Hypnotise People
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How to Hypnotize is an electronic book

What our customer are saying about this ebook...  

"...I was just as shocked as my subject when I successfully hypnotized them within minutes! I didn't think it would work and that I'd be practicing for months!..."

Daniel Stanton - Absolute Beginner, with zero previous hypnosis experience

"...You can easily read this material and be out hypnotizing people within the hour!..."

Lee Davis - Professional magician and stage hypnotist

"...When I read in your book about how simple it can be, I still didn't expect it to work, but it did!..."

Charles Hutt - Absolute Beginner, with zero previous hypnosis experience


If you have even the slightest interest in hypnosis... Keep your eyes glued to this page! Why? Because MY goal is to turn YOU into a genuine hypnotist.... FAST... If that idea excites you...You are going to be very excited about what you're about to discover...

From: Steven Hall


On the following page, I'm giving you a "brain dump" of EVERYTHING you need to know about genuine hypnosis, including...

My own personal strategies, techniques, and tools. These are proven, tested techniques that can turn anybody into a genuine hypnotist in hours!

This may surprise you, but... 

"When you know how to learn hypnosis properly, it's EASY!" 

Genuine hypnosis is a lot easier to learn than you might imagine, here are just a FEW examples of why YOUcan become a hypnotist easily...

Example #1 "Hypnosis is a completely natural state!" 

Most people don't realise that we all go through the hypnotic state many times everyday! It's so natural that we barely notice it, and always waste it! As a hypnotist, you'll learn how to access that state when you want to, like flicking a switch to light a room!

That's what I am here to do, teach you how to flick that switch!


Example #2 "Genuine hypnosis requires NO special abilities or powers!" 

Media hype has programmed us into believing that it requires some kind of power to hypnotize people. IT DOESN'T! In fact all you have to do to be able to hypnotize another person is talk to them!

This means that if you can talk, you can hypnotize people! 


Example #3 "Even a complete beginner can perform genuine hypnosis, with NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE!"

Because genuine hypnosis is all about talking, as soon as you know what to say, and how to say it, you're a hypnotist! This means all you have to do is follow my SIMPLE step-by-step instructions!

I receive hundreds of emails from people that have absolutely no experience of hypnosis whatsoever, yet can genuinely hypnotize people within hours of reading this page! You can too! Imagine how exciting it is to be able to do this!

If you can read and follow my simple step-by-step proven formulae you can hypnotize people, and you won't need ANY previous knowledge of hypnosis!


Example #4 "EVERYTHING you need to get started using GENUINE HYPNOSIS is right here!" 

For the first time in history, it's EASY to learn genuine hypnosis... and to know what to do with it!

When I was learning hypnosis, I spent literally hundreds of hours studying and a huge sum of cash on books, tapes, seminars and courses! Most of what I read barely scratched the surface, nothing was telling me what I really needed to know! That's why I decided to put things right!

Hypnosis is easy to learn and you can do it almost immediately when you have the information you need!  That's what my techniques are all about... I make things simple because I want you to master hypnosis... FAST!

Before I go on I guess I should tell you a little more about myself, and my techniques...

I learned hypnosis the hard way, spending hours studying heavy volumes that only seemed to hint at what I really wanted to know. I went to public demonstrations, bought audio cassettes, visited seminars and enrolled on courses.

I was determined to master hypnosis but the information I craved was simply not available.

As I began practising hypnosis and my knowledge grew I kept a journal detailing everything I had learned,all of the varied techniques I had witnessed, the secrets and the tips and tricks of the trade.

I practised what I had learned, continually refining my techniques to make them more and more effective. If you know me personally, you'll know that when I discover something, I want make sure that anybody and everybody that can benefit from it, gets to know about it ASAP!

And what I had discovered was an easy, fast and reliable way to hypnotize people.

Most hypnotists are like magicians, they guard their secrets and hide behind the hype of their show. I am not one of those hypnotists. I prefer to reveal my secrets and techniques. That's exactly why I put up this web page... So that I can teach YOU how to hypnotize people!

As more and more people borrowed my hypnotic journal, I realised exactly what I had to do! I had searched so desperately for a single book that would teach me how to hypnotize people, yet nothing I read told me what I needed to know. I was gonna have to write it myself!! I had to cram all of my knowledge, wisdom and experience into a single book that would turn any reader into a genuine hypnotist, even if they have absolutely no previous experience or knowledge of hypnosis whatsoever.

So that's exactly what I did!

I created the book I would have given anything for when I first began my studies. I had strict goals for the book, even before I put pen to paper! My goals were simple...

  • GOAL ONE: To develop a complete system that covers the entire hypnotic process

    Perhaps the most annoying thing about learning hypnosis the way I did is that no single book, tape or course seemed to cover the entire hypnotic experience. Most hinted at an induction and a few gave information on deepening techniques but I needed the whole thing!

    It soon became apparent that hypnotists quickly forget how frustrating it is when you don't know exactly what to do at each stage of the process.

    Almost everything I have read on hypnosis gives you a few suggestive sentences then instructs you to simply carry on in a similar style until the desired outcome is achieved!

    This instruction is useless to an absolute beginner!!!

    From the very start I knew that, if I was going to put things right, my instructions must be concise and complete. That's why I included the word for word induction script and deepening section. Hypnotizing people is as easy as reading it out!

    But my desire for completeness didn't end there, I set myself a very specific goal...

    To cover ALL aspects of trance, this included detailed, easy to follow instructions for the initial pre-induction talk and tests,  the actual induction process and trance deepening, what to do with the trance and how to wake the client at the end of the session.

    Simply put, I wanted to make sure that this book was going to be a ONE-STOP self contained teaching system.Everything you need right there in a neat little bundle. I remember my frustration at wading through all those heavy complicated journals. I searched for something like this when I started learning hypnosis, and when I couldn't find it, I knew that one day I would have to create it!

  • GOAL TWO: To keep my instructions as simple as possible

    Something I have always found really annoying is the way 'intelligent' people try to belittle everyone by using technical jargon and complicated explanations. What are they playing at? It's as though they only want to communicate to their 'special group!'

    Surely if you are trying to teach someone something it's best to make your instruction as easy to follow as possible? I don't want my readers to be reaching for the dictionary or searching through glossary terms just so they can understand my (unnecessary) jargon!

    It seems to me that people only do this as an attempt to boost their ego, a way to make them feel big and clever, by making us feel stupid!

    Well I think they have things the wrong way around! I am proud of my ability to simplify complex subjects and that is what makes me an accomplished teacher!

    As well as keeping my language basic and only using familiar terminology I wanted to ensure that the process itself was simple, so I developed my famous step-by-step approach which my students (many of whom really struggled before trying my techniques) have hailed as the simplest and fastest technique currently available for learning hypnosis.

  • GOAL THREE: To turn ANY reader, even those with NO Previous Experience or knowledge of hypnosis, into a real life hypnotist, not just in theory, but in FACT!

    This was always the most important of my goals. I wanted to make sure that my book was a complete ONE-STOP system, showing you EVERYTHING you need to turn you into a genuine hypnotist, even if you have absolutely no other knowledge or experience of trance what-so-ever!


Learning hypnosis is simple if you have good sound instructions that are proven to work, and that is what I am offering you right here. As you can see from my testimonials below, my guide to hypnosis does exactly what I intended it to do! 

Here are just a few of the hundreds of comments I receive from everyday people, just like you, that knew nothing about hypnosis before trying my techniques...

" ...I was just as shocked as my subject when I successfully hypnotized them within minutes! I didn't think it would work and that I'd be practicing for months!"

Daniel Stanton

Daniel didn't know anything about hypnosis before he found this site, neither did Simon, he only decided to give it a go for fun, and didn't expect it to work, he was really excited when he told me... 

"I have just hypnotised my brother on my very first attempt! This is awesome!!! Thanks!!"

Simon Glover

You'd think hypnosis would take a little longer than a couple of hours to learn, and you'd be right. Normally it does! So what do Dan and Simon have that makes them so special? They have my guide to hypnosis, a foolproof system that can turn ANYONE into a hypnotist, in minutes! Wouldn't you like one of those?

I guess this might sound a little too good to be true, so I'll tell you a bit more about it. Imagine you have step-by-step instructions, like a manual, that you can follow easily. Your manual's written in plain English, so it's nice and easy going. Each step is clearly explained and everything you do and say is scripted out for you.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It is! To be honest, if you can talk, you can hypnotize people. Obviously you have to know what to say, but... you have that covered in your manual!

Once you've hypnotized somebody, you're going to have to know what to do, and how to wake them up when you're done. Your manual covers that too. It actually covers everything you need, even if you haven't got a clue about hypnosis before you start!

This is the manual that I wish I had when I started!

Look. I hate to think of you passing up an opportunity to learn how to hypnotize people. I know how hypnosis has changed my life, and have seen the affect it has had on thousands more! Not just those that learn it, but their family and friends too!

I also hate to think of you wasting a year of your life (and thousands of dollars) trying to learn hypnosis the hard way! Only to discover that your plan was flawed from the beginning because much of the information available is outdated, incomplete and just plain wrong!

That's why I want you to have my proven techniques, my step-by-step, simple to follow, fool-proof system.  

Use my techniques, and you won't need the huge start-up capital that most courses require. You won't need to spend hours studying. However, if you think you already "know it all," I suggest that you stop reading now... this information isn't for you. 

On the other hand, if you're open-minded and willing to discover the truth about genuine hypnosis -- keep your eyes glued to this page. 

You'll soon discover how my simple step-by-step system will turn you into a genuine confident hypnotist, covering EVERYTHING you need, even if you have NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE what-so-ever! My fool-proof guaranteed system details the entire process, including...

  • Comprehensive Pre-Induction instructions
  • Dynamic time saving 'hypnotisability' tests
  • Word for word COMPLETE induction scripts
  • Comprehensive deepening techniques
  • How best to wake a client
  • Trance phenomena
  • Hilarious routines for use on stage
  • How to select the best and most entertaining volunteers for your stage show
  • The secret power of Subliminal Messages
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Instant and rapid induction techniques

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

This guide is a self contained system, including EVERYTHING you need, even if you have absolutely no previous knowledge or experience of hypnosis!

The proven techniques I am going to share with you are the exact same systems that literally thousands of my students have used to realise their dreams of becoming genuine hypnotists...


Here's another small sample of the hundreds of
testimonials I've received: 

"I successfully hypnotized my first subject using your book. He was hypnotized to a very deep trance and I was able to suggest he forgot his name and a number. Then I put him back into trance and removed the suggestion. I have already hypnotised 2 people to a deep level of trance producing negative and positive hallucinations and doing most of the stage routines you suggest in your book with complete success. It is a great feeling to achieve this!!"

Richard Jackson

Like many of my readers, Charles (below) has always been fascinated with hypnosis but never believed he would be able to do it..

"I have always been fascinated with hypnosis but never imagined I would be able to do it. When I read in your book about how simple it can be, I still didn't expected it to work, but it did! I can't tell you how great this feels! You have opened up a whole new world that I only wish I had discovered years ago! Thank you so much."

Charles Hutt

...I don't ask that people believe in my techniques, all I ask is that you try them for yourself, then you will know they work!

Brendan decided that hypnosis was the answer to his families problems...

"I have found your book amazing. I have been interested in hypnosis for many years, so this has given me the start I was looking for. I have used my wife as a subject and have had wonderful results. I have also hypnotized my wife's mother to help her relax, very successfully so far. I really can't praise your book enough. Thank you!"

Brendan Hughes

Not all of my readers are completely new to hypnosis, here are a few comments from those that are already experienced...

"As a fan of hypnosis, I have read many books, both introductory and advanced, and have found that they all lack the one thing that this e-book has: simple, easy-to-understand instructions that really work! You can easily read this material and be out hypnotizing people within the hour! Highly recommended!"

Lee Davis

"I feel the e-book I bought from you was excellent it covers the subject from start to finish I have seen others but in my opinion yours is well in front. If anyone is thinking of a career on stage then this book should be your first stop fantastic is an understatement!"

Dan Brookes

"I have a life-long fascination with hypnotism: I've read many books, even designed scripts for self-hypnosis. I'm very impressed with your material: thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and consideration."

Deborah Lane

"By far the most comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand book on hypnosis. It's simplicity and impact taught me the fundamentals and a working knowledge of hypnosis the first time I sat down with it. Thanks!"

Dr. C. Valenti  (Doctor)

"While studying to become a qualified Hypnotherapist I found Stevens E-Book immensely useful, it blows away a lot of mysticism and explained the art of Hypnotism in a clear, logical and simplistic way. Fully recommend this E-book to budding Hypnotists everywhere."

D. Bunning F.inst.H.T.

If you want to be able to hypnotize people, not just know how it's done, but actually be able to do it yourself, then 'How to Hypnotize' is exactly what you have been looking for. I imagine you are eager to find out more, so let's take a closer look at what you will discover...

  • Discover what hypnosis is... and how it works!

    Most hypnotists don't want you to know this! They're a bit like magicians, they like to guard their secrets. I prefer to tell it like it is, so you'll discover the truth.

    It always amazes me how many people still believe that hypnosis requires some kind of mystical power, it doesn't! And when you discover the truth about hypnosis you will not only understand how it works, but why it works.

    Your newfound wisdom and knowledge won't go unnoticed either! People are fascinated by hypnosis and when they realise you have discovered its secrets, they'll be fascinated by you!

  • How to build rapport with complete strangers! Charisma in a bottle!

    If we like someone it's because we have a natural rapport with them' and if we just can't see eye to eye, it's because we don't! But wouldn't it be great to simply 'click' with everyone you meet? Wouldn't it be great if everyone that you met took an instant liking to you?

    Well that's what you can expect when you unleash the power of these fantastic rapport-building strategies. I admit, it sounds like magic, but when you have the secrets of rapport you really do have 'Charisma in a bottle'.

    These techniques aren't confined to the world of hypnosis, they are like gold dust to anyone in sales and cupids arrow in the dating game. I remember a rather dramatic demonstration where a budding hypnotist took on the challenge of subconsciously attracting 4 complete strangers during dinner, without moving an inch from his chair! And sure enough, before his plate was clear, four complete strangers had come up and introduced themselves, each felt they knew the hypnotist and were convinced he was an old friend, yet he had never met a single one of them! So how did he do it?

    He used very clever rapport building strategies to convince their subconscious minds that he was someone they just had to meet' and he did this from across a crowded room! Their subconscious minds monitored his actions and recognised him as a person just like them' in fact, so much like them that they must like him! This technique is so powerful that people feel drawn to you, yet have no idea why.

    Applying the magic of rapport to hypnosis is like entering the Tour-De-France on a motorbike! You have a serious advantage before you even begin! Rapport is the solid foundation upon which your induction builds itself' without it, you're fighting a losing battle, with it, you're winning a loyal friend! Rapport makes people like you... People that like you trust you... And trust is hugely important when it comes to hypnosis!

    And the magic of rapport doesn't end here. In fact, this is only the very beginning! Once you have established rapport, you can use it to 'pace' your volunteer's state, and then 'lead' them wherever you want them to go (which is usually into a deep hypnotic trance!) 

    This technique is a wonderfully subtle, yet massively powerful, way of steering any situation in the direction you want it to go' You'll even discover how I used these exact strategies to transform a friend's mood from depression to 'dancing diva' in just a few short moments!

  • Keeping safe and Avoiding the Dangers of Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is cool, but it's also very powerful. So you do need to make sure that you use it responsibly. You will discover how to use hypnosis sensibly and how to avoid all of the common pitfalls that could lead to complications.

    I only practise safe, sensible hypnosis and my teaching style will ensure your hypnotic experiments are safe, fun and entertaining from day one.

  • Stick peoples hands together and find out who's best for your show!

    Suggestibility tests are such a good laugh to play around with! Sure, they do have a serious purpose' they help you choose the very best volunteers for your show, but they are also a quick, easy and fun way of demonstrating your hypnotic power! 

    These are the techniques you will be using to stick peoples hands together, or to lock their eyes closed. I'm sure you've seen this kind of thing on TV. One of my more memorable experiences was with a friend way back during my first few inductions. I locked his eyes shut, just to give him an idea of how hypnosis feels and he was completely convinced that nothing had happened' in an attempt to prove me wrong he turned to face me with wide open eyes.. only his eyes weren't wide open!!! He did manage to raise his eyebrows but his eyelids wouldn't budge! When he realised they were truly stuck he began trying to prise them open with his fingers! It was such a funny thing to witness and the whole process only took a couple of minutes!!

    Suggestibility tests work really well, and they're fast, so they're definitely a lot of fun. But the best thing about these tests is the reaction you get when you do them. The hand lock test is a great example, people really don't think anything has happened, and then you invite them to try and open their hands' The reaction is usually along the lines of, 'Oh my God! What have you done?!?'

    You will discover a nice variety of suggestibility tests, each having it's own benefits. The hand locking and eye lock tests are a great way of revealing the exhibitionists, the arm rotating and hand magnets tests show the suggestibility order of your volunteers and the fall back test seamlessly leads you into an instant induction that will amaze everybody!

  • How to EXPLODE your Suggestive Powers using 'Linguistic Bridges'

    You would be forgiven for thinking that linguistic bridges are some complicated technical hypnotic technique, they're not! 'Linguistic' basically means 'language', and 'bridge' refers to the way we 'link' parts of our language together, the word 'and' is a very basic linguistic bridge.

    So what do these simple 'language links' do?

    They do something very special and rather dramatic when used correctly' By including a few well-chosen links, your suggestions instantly become much more powerful.

    This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your inductions, once you know how they work they are so simple to use. That's why it completely amazes me every time I read a book on hypnosis that fails to mention them!! And almost EVERY book I have read on hypnosis completely fails to mention them!! Why? I have absolutely no idea!

    Linguistic bridges come in varying strengths and you will need to know how and when to use each to get the best results. These are the tools that give you the edge over other hypnotists, I can't stress enough how simple they are to use and when you try them out for yourself you will soon realise how powerful such poetic simplicity can be.

    If hypnosis really does have closely guarded secrets, linguistic bridges would certainly be at the top of the list! 

  • Your very own powerful 'Word for Word' Hypnotic induction script!

    To hypnotize somebody all you have to do is read this out! How simple is that!!!

    The great thing about using a script like this is that you don't have to understand how it works for it to work, all you need to do is read it to your volunteer. It couldn't be any easier!

    Many of my students are not completely new to hypnosis, they have read a few guides and tried out one or two techniques. And all of them tell me how difficult it is to learn when you don't have a complete script. It's so frustrating when you have to make do with a few suggestions and the annoying instruction to 'carry on like this until the desired outcome is achieved!' Well that's exactly what you are gonna side step, because you have a complete word for word induction script that's ready to go! 

    And you can be confident that it will work too! Because your exact script has been used time and time again by thousands of my students over the years to hypnotize countless people. Using your script is not only easy, it's also extremely effective.

    This really is the part you have been waiting for! An actual word for word hypnotic script that's been successfully used time and time again to hypnotize hundreds of people! All you have to do is read it out. It couldn't be easier. And it really works!!

  • How did I do that?

    Hypnotizing another person is so easy when you use the word for word induction script' But wouldn't you like to know how you did it? Well that's what you are about to find out! We are gonna strip down the script and look at each sentence in turn! You'll discover exactly what each section of the script does, so you'll understand why you said it.

    This process is completely fascinating and really gives you a thorough understanding of hypnosis. You'll uncover the hidden messages that practically guarantee your induction is a success and you'll understand how everything comes together to create a massively powerful induction.

    This is much more than fascinating, as it allows you to get right up close to the action and really pick the process apart, enabling you to actually design your very own powerful and professional hypnotic scripts!

  • Progressing to the WOW factor with Instant Hypnosis!

    Instant inductions are like having your own hypnotic magic wand! They are really fast and dynamic... and amazing to watch! Your credibility as a master of hypnosis will sky rocket when you use these techniques' and believe it or not, they are also surprisingly easy to do!

    You will learn three instant induction methods, two of these allow you to actually hypnotize your volunteer as you great them onto the stage' just by shaking their hand!!

    The third, you will recognise instantly' it's the one you have probably seen on TV. One second, the subject is standing talking to the hypnotist, the next, his head slumps as he falls into a deep trance and the hypnotist lowers him to the floor!

    It's one of the most dynamic displays of hypnosis, incredibly fast and looks fantastic. It's also really easy to do' and you can flow seamlessly into it from the suggestibility tests, so you'll look really professional.

    Instant hypnosis is extremely cool, this is the stuff that'll make your credibility rating as a master hypnotist explode! It's the 'wow' factor that you have been looking for!

  • Putting on your very own show to the paying public!

    I know its fun to practise on your mates!! I did that for months before I actually got up on stage! But.. as your skills develop, and your confidence builds.. sooner or later you are going to be performing to the paying public!

    When I was in your position I was terrified of the thought of getting up on stage and having all those faces looking up at me' but, as I learned more about hypnosis I began to hypnotize myself to overcome my crippling stage fright and became so confident that I couldn't wait to get up and perform!

    I am so glad that I took that step, messing around with hypnosis on friends and work colleagues was a great laugh, but getting up on stage and doing my first proper show' that was mind blowing!!! 

    To make sure your first public performance is a success you will receive valuable advice that can only come from experience. Your guide to putting on a show covers everything you need to know, including...

    • The equipment
    • Your appearance 
    • Setting the stage
    • The introduction 
    • The entrance
    • Asking for volunteers
    • The pre-hypnotic talk
    • The suggestibility test
    • The induction
    • Deepening the trance
    • The hypnotic routines
    • Awakening the subject
    • Thanking the volunteers


  • Plus Much Much More!  

    You'll discover stacks more things too, far too much to list here! To put it in a nutshell, you'll learn how to hypnotize people, have a lot of fun with it, and then wake them up safely! You have a stack of hilarious routines to try out and great practical advice for doing shows. 


If you decide that you want to take advantage of this opportunity to master hypnosis, you should know that it has a real price tag. This is important for two reasons.

First -- you can feel confident that 'How to Hypnotize' is truly complete. It's not a "teaser" designed to upgrade you to something more expensive.

Second -- and much more important -- because of its price tag, you really do know that you're buying quality. This ebook has been written with ONE goal in mind, to turn you into a hypnotist... fast, and that is exactly what it does.

Look: Most people fail because they don't know where to start. That's why 'How to Hypnotize' has been written in a clear, step-by-step manner. Instead of being overwhelmed, you'll have a clear game plan; you'll know exactly what to do first, second, third, etc.

As you have already seen, many of my readers have tried everything else, so did I! Don't waste your time and money trying what doesn't work. Make the smart decision, and join the thousands of satisfied readers that have discovered the secrets of hypnosis, not just in theory... but in fact!

Too many 'how to' guides waste time with unnecessary 'filler' and never get around to telling you what you really need to know! I prefer to give it to you straight, in simple, easy to understand, step-by-step instructions that are designed to turn you into a confident, competent hypnotist.... FAST!

...But, just to make sure you are comfortable... 

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

"Let me take all the risk for you!"

If you use my strategies, and follow my instruction, I personally guarantee that you'll be able to perform Genuine Hypnosis within a month. Much sooner if you are serious!

Many of my readers hypnotize their first volunteer within hours of ordering... if you follow my guidance there's no reason why you can't join them!


I'll happily send you a 100% refund of your purchase price!

If you don't think that this information is for you, or if you change your mind for any reason at all... You can simply claim a 100% refund of your purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Now, I know that some people put my techniques into practise immediately and are hypnotizing their first volunteers the same day they place an order. But, there are also those people that like to take their time to really get to know hypnosis inside-out before practising. That's why I'm giving you a full 60 days to decide if this is for you.

If you want to return your purchase I will refund every penny you paid for it, No Questions Asked! I confidently offer my 60 day guarantee because I am so certain that you will be absolutely thrilled with your purchase!

I designed this guarantee for the 99% who are honest, but naturally sceptical -- not the 1% who'll take advantage of me. But more important...

I've been offering this same guarantee for years, and only a handful of customers have taken me up on this guarantee... Sure, once in a while there's a tire kicker who buys my ebook, does nothing with it, and requests a refund. But as you can see from my testimonials, customers who USE my strategies are wowed by the results, and wouldn't even think of trading the information back for a few dollars

This simple step-by-step guide is all you need to transform yourself into a master of hypnosis... In fact, you are just minutes away from getting started!! You don't even have to wait for the mailman! Because 'How to Hypnotize' is an Electronic Book, and you will be able to download your very own copy in seconds!!!

This means that in less than an hour from now you could actually hypnotize someone!! I know it sounds almost too good to be true, that's what Dan Stanton thought, so did Simon Glover, and Lee Davis! Yet they all successfully hypnotized someone within an hour of reading this page! So have countless others... and so can you! (And even if it does take you a little longer to master hypnosis...  Remember, you have the security of your 'no questions asked' 60 day guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.)

Click on the 'buy Now' button below to secure your copy of 'How to Hypnotise' right now for a single payment of just $27 - You'll be reading it in minutes, and could even hypnotise somebody TONIGHT!

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Because I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip that you could possibly need to guarantee your success, I've agreed to give away a Bonus 'Toolbox' of FIVE SUPER BONUSES -- absolutely free:

Bonus # 1 "Dylan Morgan's 'Hypnosis for Beginners' eBook" (Value $29.95)
Hypnosis for beginners

Dylan's 'Hypnosis for Beginners' is a great introduction to the hypnotic process, with practical experiments and advice to get you started quickly. Dylan's style is very differnt to mine and it compliments my work very well, giving you a new perspective on your learning.

It's yours to keep! Absolutely free of charge when you order my bonus discount package!

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Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

An amazing collection of 148 real life scenario scripts to enhance your hypnotic powers! Essential reading for anyone with an interest in developing as a hypnotherapist. Demonstrating exactly what a professional would do in almost every situation you are ever likely to encounter! This is the ultimate 'fly on the wall' experience!

Fascinating, educational and fun! And easy to jump into at any point when you have a few minutes spare!

Bonus # 3 "Hypnotic Inductions eBook" (Value: $29.95)
Hypnotic Inductions

An extensive array of hypnotic inductions and deepeners for every occasion!

  • Rapid Inductions
  • Difficult Patients
  • Child Scripts
  • Association Methods
  • Confusion Techniques

                    Plus MUCH MUCH MORE!

This valuable resource is crammed with Step by step, fully scripted instructions in a no nonsense format! You will be reaching for this one time and time again... a true 'tool-box bonus!'

Bonus # 4 "Hypnosis Plain and Simple - The Quickstart guide to hypnosis" (Value: $19.95)
Hypnosis Plain and Simple

This is a very special mini eBook that I recently put together as a basic introduction to trance. My advice is to READ THIS FIRST!

It is obviously not as comprehensive as my other guides but, if you want to learn fast, then this is the way to do it.

This mini ebook is a very fast BRAIN DUMP! You can read the whole thing in a matter of minutes and you will very quickly understand what hypnosis is all about. This will massively increase your learning when you read the other guides in your package.

If your anything like me, you're probably not the most patient of people when it comes to learning new skills! Well this mini guide is exactly what you need. Read it immediately and you will be able to answer questions and talk knowledgeably about hypnosis in less than 30 minutes!

Bonus # 5 "Hypnotic Regression - A Beginners Guide to Hypnotic Regression" (Value $19.95)
Hypnotic Regression

Past life regression is such a fascinating area of hypnosis. This guide explores some interesting ideas about the human soul and teaches you how to safely regress a client and uncover the secrets of the past.

Regression can be very therapeutic for your client, and a fascinating experience for you.



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